Service Range

Our services include non-surgical facial enhancement, high-end skincare management, anti-aging treatments, acne and scarring treatment, slimming and body contouring, and a variety of medical cosmetic and beauty services. 

Why Choose FusionMed

FusionMed Cosmetic Centre (FMCC) is a high-end aesthetic centre located in Toronto. Our concept is to maximizing the satisfaction of each guest, with a comprehensive and tailor-made private beauty solution. Our team has rich experience in the medical aesthetic industry and will provide you with professional, safe, comfortable and amazing service.

Clinic founder, Annie Li , has more than 20 years of medical experience. She has extensive hands-on clinical and surgical experience in both local Toronto hospitals and internationally in Asia. A renowned eye and face surgery expert, and a Registered Nurse in Ontario, she brings both attentive patient care and top-notch injection skills to every patient.

FusionMed uses the most advanced and efficient medical aesthetic equipments and preparations certified in Canada. All product selections have been rigorously researched and screened, and personally experienced efficacy and safety. You have no worries to get the best quality beauty results with half the effort.

Fusionmed Cosmetic Team


Founder, Clinic Director, Injector, Medical Cosmetic Consultant


Marketing Director, Business Consultant


Skincare Consultant


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At FusionMed Cosmetic Center, we offer various advanced laser skin care treatments. IPL skin rejuvenation significantly removes pigmentation and discoloration. Improves dull complexion for a more even and radiant complexion. It can improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of roughness, shrink pores and smooth fine lines. It also has a good effect on vesicular conditions. We use top-end IPL skin rejuvenation equipment, and the effect of 1-2 times can versus that of 4-6 treatments with standard IPL’s. The degree of safety, comfort and cost-effective are all high. It is an excellent choice for both problem skin improvement and regular skin maintenance.



Laser hair removal can help you permanently remove unwanted hair from all parts of your body. It avoids the tedious operation of repeated hair removal and the damage to the skin that may caused by other methods. The operation is fast and effective, and the whole process is safe and painless. After hair removal, your skin will look fairer, smoother, and more delicate.

The focus on client satisfaction at every step of the way will ensure an excellent and unforgettable customer experience. Book an appointment with the FMCC team and get started with your personal beauty experience!

Our Clinic Space

Comfortable and luxurious waiting area

Private treatment room with medical standard products

Medical grade skincare products to complement your medical aesthetic treatment

Industry leading lasers and technologies to help you achieve the results you desire

What our clients have to say about us

Excellent experience! Annie provided me a detailed consultation on my skin condition and procedure to improve. She is highly professional and kind hearted. I was very nervous about having undereye fillers, she helped me calming down throughout the whole session. The result speaks for itself! I am very satisfied with it.

I also had under arms and upper lip laser hair removal here. I can already see results after 2 sessions, still have 3 more sessions left.

I always look forward to coming here, love the coziness and the stuffs are gentle and kind. Highly recommended!!!

– Mumu Li

5/5 Stars Google Reviews

Been coming to FMCC for a while now and this is THE BEST facial clinic I’ve ever been to. I’m not a person who wants dramatic changes on my face, but I do have some “imperfections” I would like to fix… Annie is the best injector I’ve met so far, she’s so kind and honest while talking to me about what her suggestions are for my face. The procedure is super fast and PAIN FREE!!
Can’t thank FMCC enough!!

100% coming back and this will be my permanent clinic from now on.

– Jun Jo

5/5 Stars Google Review

(Google Translate) I have been to a lot of medical doctors and doctors and nurses. I have more than ten years of work experience in Toronto hospitals. It is my favorite and most believing at present. The technique is professional and the design also has an aesthetic sense. The medical background of more than 20 years, the whole consultation process made me feel It is particularly safe and reliable, and the charges are relatively reasonable. It is not the kind of random recommendation. Help me solve the skin problem. I will come with my good friends next time.


– Jing Chen

5/5 Stars Google Review