Dry Skin

Chapping and flaking are signs of dry, dehydrated skin. Dryness is exacerbated by wind, cold temperatures and air-conditioning, all of which cause the skin to flake, chap and feel tight. Soap, skin creams, make-up products and skin care products might cause irritation to the skin and lead to dry, itchy skin on face. 

How to take care of Dry Skin?

Never, ever use hot water. Dry skin needs plenty of thorough but gentle cleansing using a Sensitive cleanser. Washing dry skin with soap and water not only removes grime but also the natural oils protecting the skin. A moisturizer increases the water content of the outer layers of the skin and gives it a soft, moist look. Toner for Sensitive dry skin. Avoid coming in contact with highly alkaline soaps and detergents like washing sodas and powders which contain highly alkaline and drying ingredients. Moistening with toner water, then applying a thin film of moisturizer/ cream for sensitive skin restores the suppleness of the dry skin. On top of cream we recommend to use Serum. High formulation of collagen as a protective barrier to enhance long term moisturizing. Night gel applying a thin film at night time to restores the suppleness of the dry skin.

How to treat Dry Skin?

At Fusionmed Cosmetic, we offer a variety of treatments to solve dry skin problems at the root. Including use of the highest quality injectable brands, Teoxane, that are highly effective and safe. We also offer skin peels using organic fruit acid to balance and restore the pH of the skins to make your skin look young, glowy and well moisturized. 

Treatments for Dry Skin


Hyaluronic acid is added to the deep layers of the skin, which has a significant moisturizing effect, making the skin lastingly moisturized and shiny.

Golden PRP

Active factors promote skin microcirculation, thereby accelerating metabolism, and comprehensively improving rough skin and dull skin tone.

Medical Facials

Moisturizing and hydrating, inject nutrition, improve the overall skin texture, brighten and rejuvenate the skin.

Medical Skin Peel

Accumulate the renewal of epidermal cells, reducing fine lines caused by skin dryness.