Lost Volume

Fat and muscle are the greatest support for the skin, and the loss of subcutaneous fat and muscle relaxation caused by human aging, weight loss, uneven nutrition, lack of exercise, etc., reduce the volume of subcutaneous tissue.

How to improve the organization capacity?

Injecting hyaluronic acid into the recessed areas, such as cheeks, temples, tear grooves, etc., as a filling method, can achieve the effect of instantly improving of appearance. At Fusionmed Cosmetic, our experienced and licensed injectants will follow the correct procedures to insure that your treatment is safe and personalized.

Treatments for Lost Volume


Make the face more plump and three-dimensional, such as plump chin, forehead, apple muscle, temples, plump lips, etc.

Thermal lift collagen genesis 

Activate the regeneration and reorganization of collagen fibers, tighten loose skin and  increase skin firmness.