Body Sculpting with BodyFX


Losing weight can be hard thus making it challenging to achieve your ideal body shape and hurting your self-confidence. Here at FusionMed, we use the latest in InMode Technology to help you reduce fat for a leaner, toner, and more beautiful body.










Using light pulse technology, InMode's BodyFX technology helps direct strong pulses of light to help heat fat cells and invigorate the breakdown of fat content. A reduction of fat storage within the fat cells of your body will help decrease the volume of the body. The unique property of the BodyFX treatment is that it is totally non-invasive compared to the likes of liposuction. Resulting in reduced downtime and allowing you to continue on with your daily activities. 

Light pulse technology focuses on reducing the fat content without physically removing the contents of your body. A more natural procedure in conjunction with the light pulses helps to also tighten the skin and contours your body.

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