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Fusionmed Cosmetic Center (FMCC) is a medical beauty clinic that values client satisfaction, safety and professionalism. Our experienced medical professional will sit down with you and design a personalized treatment plan. Our non-surgical treatment options provides safe medical solutions for any skincare need. In addition, our premium technologies will ensure you will receive the latest treatment options in the field of beauty cosmetics.

Founder Annie has more than 20 years of medical experience. She is a medical professor, eye and facial plastic surgeon in China, and a registered nurse in Ontario. 20 years ago, Annie began to get involved in the field of medical plastic surgery, further shen studyed in Guangzhou First Military Medical University Plastic Surgery Hospital, and obtained a master’s degree in ophthalmology from the Department of Ophthalmology of Zhong Shan Medical University. She has accumulated rich experience in eye and facial surgery during her tenure as the chief physician of ophthalmology in China. After moving to Canada, she successfully obtained a medical diploma and mastered the techniques of injection operation during his 10 years in the local hospital.

In recent years, she has traveled to China, Japan and South Korea for academic exchanges in the medical aesthetic industry, and has continuously enhanced her understanding of the latest development trends in the plastic surgery and aesthetic industry in Asia. At the same time, she exchanged experience with a number of doctors in the field of local medical aesthetics in Europe and Canada, and won the Special Contribution Award of Chinese-Canadian Medical Aesthetics in 2019. Annie integrates the medical aesthetic technology of Asia, Europe and North America, combines Chinese and Western styles, and creates a unique personal aesthetic style, advocating the aesthetic concept of elegance and nature, which can be described as a leader in the field of medical aesthetics.

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#2 Injections

#4 Golden PRP

#5 Laser Skincare

#6 Body Slim

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