Double Chin Reduction

At FusionMed Cosmetic (FMCC), we use lipolysis injections or radiofrequency fat-soluble lipids, acting on the subcutaneous fat layer, dissolving the fat to break it down into tiny states that are excreted with metabolism.


Lipolysis double chin reduction

The main components of lipolysis needles are deoxycholic acid, lecithin and physiological saline, which are the components of fat metabolism that exist in the body. By injecting the composition into the fat layer, the cell membrane of the fat can be dissolved, so that the fat cells apoptosis or directly degrade the fat, breaking it down into a state that can be absorbed and consumed, and then excreted with metabolism.

Precautions before lipolysis injection

  1. Avoid treatment during menstruation, pregnancy and lactation;
  2. People with acute or chronic hepatitis, liver or kidney dysfunction, diabetes, vascular inflammation, blood circulation disorders, tumors, and immune system diseases should not receive this treatment;
  3. People who are allergic to legumes are not suitable;
  4. People who are obese or have severely loose skin should not receive this treatment.

 Body slim double chin reduction

Using non-invasive methods, radiofrequency energy is introduced into the subcutaneous fat site, dissolving the fat cell wall without injuring other surrounding tissue. The destryed fat cells are absorbed by macrophages, so that the amount of fat reduced in treatment sites. The effects of fat reduction and sculpture are achieved.

Precautions before Body slim

  1. Stop taking anticoagulant drugs 7-10 days before treatment if medical conditions permit;
  2. Keep the skin of the treatment area clean and dry. Do not use body lotion or essential oils, etc.;
  3. Avoid treatment during menstruation, pregnancy and lactation;
  4. Please remove all metal jewelry before treatment. People implanted with metal materials such as pacemakers are not suitable for this treatment;
  5. If you have severe heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, fat metabolism disorder, abnormal blood coagulation, immune system disease or other diseases, please consult with your doctor and inform the aesthetician.

Before / After


How lone does the effect last?

The effect is basically permanent, why is it just basic? Because without weight management, when the fat ratio is raised again, fat will still accumulate in the same place, that is, if you do not regulate daily habits, such as healthy eating and exercise habits for weight management, double chin will reappear.

How quickly will I see results?

There is no downtime and no pain. It is recommended that weekly sessions are performed over a six week period.