Laser Hair Removal

At Fusionmed Cosmetic (FMCC), we offer the most advanced laser hair removal via Inmode technology that safely and gently eliminates unwanted hair. During laser treatment a laser beam passes through the skin towards hair follicles. The penetrating energy then heats up the root of the hair, which in turn prevents future hair growth. Achieve the smooth and soft skin that you always wanted with the best laser hair removal procedure at Fusionmed Cosmetic.



  • Diolaze has large treatment spot sizes that makes treatment convenient and fast.
  • Diolaze has built in skin cooling surface making treatments completely pain free and comfortable.
  • Diolaze uses one of the most advanced refractional lasers on the market that is highly effective even for stubborn hair

Notes before hair removal

  1. Avoid sun tanning within 3-4 weeks before treatment. Apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher;
  2. Do not apply irritating skin care products or drugs within 2-3 days before treatment;
  3. If medical conditions permit, stop using anticoagulant drugs 7-10 days before treatment;
  4. Shave the hair on the treatment area beforehand to ensure that there is no residual hair on the skin.

Before / After


How many sessions are required?

Hair is reduced with each treatment and results are observed after 4 to 6 sessions. The number of sessions will differ depending on your hair colour, hair type, body area and skin tone.

Which areas of the body can be treated?

Laser can be safely used on most areas of the body that have unwanted hair. Most commonly treated areas include: bikini line, legs, arms, chest, back, shoulders, stomach, neck, chin and side.