Inject the component preparation containing the solute function directly into the subcutaneous fat layer to dissolve the fat and break it down into small states, which are excreted from the lymphatic system with the metabolism.



  1. Contour improvement: It can be used to eliminate excess fat on the cheeks, nasolabial area, double chin and jaw.
  2. Body fat reduction: It can be used to improve hip and femoral obesity, internal and external thigh obesity, abdominal fat accumulation, iliac waist fat accumulation, shoulder, upper arm, joint parts, back of hands and back of feet, etc.
  3. Treatment of cellulite: improve cellulite (cellulite) in buttocks and thighs.
  4. Treat the complication of uneven fat after liposuction.

Applicable population

Suitable for infants with fat, double chins, and those with excess fat on the face and body

Precautions before lipolysis injection

  1. Avoid treatment during menstruation, pregnancy and lactation;
  2. People with acute or chronic hepatitis, liver or kidney dysfunction, diabetes, vascular inflammation, blood circulation disorders, tumors, and immune system diseases should not receive this treatment;
  3. People who are allergic to legumes are not suitable;
  4. People who are obese or have severely loose skin should not receive this treatment.


Before / After


How does lipolysis work to get rid of fat?

Injection lipolysis uses a substance called Phosphatidylcholine (PPC), which is injected into the targeted areas of the body to eliminate fat build-up. PPC helps to destroy the walls of the fat cells, without affecting other cells of the body.When your energy needs increase or your blood glucose level falls, the production of hormones that mobilize your energy stores begins to rise. These hormones — such as glucagon and adrenalin — stimulate lipolysis, which involves the breakdown of triglycerides stored in your fat tissue.

How quickly will I see results?

During the period of swelling the area can look fuller than it did before treatment, but as the fat cells are disrupted and the inflammation subsides, most patients see results by 6 to 8 weeks after a treatment. 

How long the results last?

Lipolysis may change the appearance of your body, but diet and exercise will determine if your results are permanent. If you do see visible results from your lipolysis, they should be permanent — provided you don’t gain any weight. If you do gain weight, the results from lipolysis will likely disappear.

How many injections do I need?

There is no downtime and no pain. It is recommended that weekly sessions are performed over a six week period.