Acne occurs when the pores of your skin become blocked with excess oil, dead skin, or bacteria. Each pore of your skin is the opening to a follicle. It often causes white heads, black heads, pimples and red bumps.


At Fusionmed Cosmetic we offer a variety of non-invasive and laser treatments to treat Acne. We offer gentle to advanced chemical peels, Mesotherapy and PRP for recovery, and Fractora fractional rejuvenation treatment for treating of Acne scarring.


Remove acne, dilute acne marks, and effectively repair stubborn acne pits.

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Promote cell renewal, adjust the skin’s water and oil balance. Effectively removes acne, while diminishing acne marks.

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Promote tissue regeneration and metabolism, thereby repair acne scars and fade acne marks.

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Promote the activation and renewal of epidermal cells, alleviate acne inflammatory, and fade spots and scars.

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How can I treat acne and pimples?

You can prevent acne and pimples at home using the Fusionmed Cosmetic Acne Treatment Kit. Wash your face twice daily with our doctor approved Acne clearing mild cleanser, apply our medically proven acne-fighting agents, and apply a coat of acne prevention moisturizer cream. At the same time, make sure to exfoliate your skin regularly at our facial clinic to help clear out any clogged pores. Lastly, remember to get plenty of sleep and choose makeup that won’t clog your pores.

How quickly will I see results?

Holistic Treatment Plans

Come visit us for a consultation with one of our FusionMed specialists to develop your customized, whole face balancing treatment plan.