Botox/Dysport is a safe and effective treatment to improve the appearance of your frown lines, and wrinkles. It can also help achieve a slimmer jaw, shoulders and calf. Botox/Dysport works by reducing the movement of certain muscles or relaxing them, without affecting other surrounding areas.


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Botox is typically used for older age groups for wrinkle treatment, however there is a growing interest amongst younger age groups, since recent studies that have shown Botox can work to prevent wrinkles, also known as "Baby Botox". In addition, Botox can help achieve a slimmer face, which is popular in asian cultures, also called the "V face treatment". Botox can also be used for hyperhidrosis, treatment of excessive sweating in the palms, feet and armpits.


The needles used to inject Botox or Dysport are small and cause minimal pain. However, if you’re sensitive to pain, we offer effective numbing cream and other adjustments so you feel as little discomfort as possible.



How soon will I see results?

Some clients see results as soon as 24 hours after treatment, while most people report seeing results 3 days after treatment.

Will I look natural after Botox treatment?

Botox/ Dysport targets only a very small specific area of your face. The untreated areas still work normally, allowing you to freely show natural facial expression without looking stiff.

Is Botox safe?

Yes! Botox is an FDA-approved injectable and has been extensively researched all over the world. All that Botox does is block cell signaling that make your muscles contract.

How long does the effect last?

The effects of Botox/ Dysport treatments differ for each person depending on their metabolism and lifestyle factors. Effects of Botox/Dysport are not permanent and normally lasts for around 6 months.

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“It’s a very clean place. Staff very friendly and helpful. Paid three visits to get rid of the dark spots/moles on my face. Acceptable pricing and good results.”


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